Visit the Studio

Visitors welcome

Visit Nancy Boyle Fine Art at Zero Empty Spaces in the Natick Mall. I am usually there working from 1pm to 5pm, every day except Wednesday.


Zero Empty Spaces in the Natick Mall
1245 Worcester St #3028, Natick, MA 01760
Located near The Vibe, Nordstroms, Louis Vuitton, Across from Tory Burch.

Park in D2 and come to L1, level 1 near Nordstoms.

Artists welcome

Email me when you plan to visit:

Artists may apply for a studio. Learn more.

Studio Visitors

Over the summer of 2022 the Zero Empty spaces had a lot of visitors. For many, it was their first outings after the terrible confinement of the pandemic. Many were young people and they loved to sit down with the art materials we provided. It was a surprising break to find in the mall, and a welcome one. To see art and take a moment to create their own.

Thank you for making art possible

Thank you to all the young people, parents and baby carriages, senior citizens, vacationers from all over the world for making 2022 very special at the Natick Mall artist studios.

And, a special thanks to Zero Empty Spaces and the Natick Mall for making this space for all to enjoy,