Marketplace Info and Terms

Nellenby Art Marketplace

Application is by invitation. Click here to apply.


An online artist marketplace with a small, curated group of artists. The artist's work may be very different to attract a larger range of interested buyers. 

Artists will be selected by Nancy Boyle to participate in Nellenby. It will be a small, selective group curated by the quality of their work.

The artists will be part of a ‘print on demand’ marketplace as well as having a traditional artists profile on the site. Nancy Boyle will do the work to set up the artist files in the print on demand manufacturer suppliers and on the Shopify website Nellenby.


The cost to the artist will be a 20% commission on sales processed thru the Nellenby marketplace. There is significant work for Nellenby to set up the website and monitor transactions and facilitate payments. There is no upfront cost or any other fees to the artists. If this needs to change due to costs then artists will be notified. If there are no sales then there will be no commissions paid. Payouts will be made to the artist by online transfer or check within 30 days of the sale.

Nancy Boyle reserves the right to end this arrangement with any artist at any time, and any files will be returned to the artist or be deleted. The artist has the right to end the arrangement at any time with a two week notice to allow for updates to the Nellenby site.

Nellenby will not display or sell any artwork by any artist without their express permission.

Each artist will have a profile page with information about the artist which may include: bio, photo, contact info,  a link to their art print ‘Collection’. It also may have links to their social media and website along with a gallery of their work. 

Nancy will invite artists to provide a high quality photo or scan of several of their artworks to be used to create prints in Gooten. The files need to be high resolution and may be processed in an AI program to increase the file size for print production. Nancy will upload the file to her manufacturer print on demand account. It is highly recommended that the artist order and pay for a sample print to view/approve. 

The artist will pay for the first sample print production and shipping. As an example, a 12x12 canvas wrap sample print costs $12.40 and shipping to Wayland, Mass is $10.49. The artist may keep the sample. It may be compared to their original to verify quality.

The artwork-print will appear in a Collection for each artist. They will set the title and price for each work. Artwork must contain: Title, size, medium, price. The customers who buy the art will have to pay for the sales tax and the shipping cost as they check out. Price should be kept as low as is reasonable. As an example, Nancy sells her 12x12 canvas gallery wrapped prints for about $45.

Visitors to the Nellenby marketplace may place an order. Orders will be tracked within Shopify by the artists vendor name and sales will be reported each week to the artists. Returns will not be accepted unless a customer can prove that an item arrived damaged then it may be accepted for a manufacturer return.

I have read this contract and sign as my agreement to participate in the Nellenby Marketplace