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About the artist

Nancy Boyle, Art, is a collection of products using original artist designs.

Approach to art making 

Nancy Boyle I believe the most successful art is an expression of the human spirit and our common humanity. It can inspire and lift us emotionally and intellectually. It may give us insight into ourselves and our world. 

Making art and viewing art changes the way we see the world. Walk outside after spending time in a fine gallery or museum. I believe you will find your perception of color and form is enhanced.

I work in various media, for periods of time, usually in a series. Watercolor is one of my main plein air mediums. Collage and mixed media beckons when I need to create shapes and forms in a break with more traditional treatment of subjects. But, I always come back to more traditional painting, usually landscape, trying to capture the atmosphere and color of a place and feel the air and light on my 2d surface.

Early Inspiration

I was fortunate to have a mentor in my mother, Mary Libbey, who graduated from Mass Art and is a skilled artist. Our house had books about art and artists to pore over, and we would visit my aunt Ruth and uncle Jack’s home in Scituate to see their artwork in progress. My uncle, Jack Clift taught at the Museum School in Boston, and my aunt Ruth Libbey was a successful fashion illustrator. 

In high school I was selected for an art class that met at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. We had early release to make the trek from Hyde Park to Boston on the ‘T’. Thanks to the Boston Globe scholastic art exhibit I was awarded a partial scholarship to Mass. College of Art which I attended and entered a world immersed in art making.


After college I entered the profession of graphic design and illustration, working in various companies over the years. During this time I raised a family and took time to paint a little and attend some workshops. Finding the time to paint while raising a family and having a job is not easy. I never could give much time to it but I always was inspired to try. Sketches of my children were the main result from those early years that I treasure now. In recent years I have been able to turn my attention to painting full time.


Founder and member of the W Gallery, Arts Wayland, Mass.

President, Arts Wayland Foundation


About the Contrast series

Contrast Series combines elements in different styles. Some combine the work of two artists a generation apart, mother and daughter. Some combine different styles by one artist: Line drawing and colored collage for example. Some are from the distant past combined with current times.

Mary LibbeyMary Libbey, collaborator on the Contrast Series, grew up in Dorchester, Mass. She attended Mass College of art in 1942. When WWII began she left school and worked as a draftsman in the Quincy Shipyard. Her career continued and she worked as a technical illustrator for engineering projects. Throughout her life she continued her fine art studies. She raised a family of five children in Hyde Park, including her oldest daughter Nancy Boyle. She lives in Chelmsford, Mass.


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