Mixed Media

Much of my mixed media and monoprinting work is influenced by the use of materials, mediums and techniques which cause effects to happen that are unforeseen and unplanned.

In my practice of mixed media with monotype and collage I have the widest creative opportunities. I try to work in series and to re-use reference material from the past. Sometimes I will cut up old watercolor paintings for material. For the musicians I used drawings that I did 40 years ago. Many of the images relate to the world around me such as birds, plants and food. The window outside my studio overlooks a thicket that is home to many animals and birds, beyond are fields that are planted in spring by a local farm coop. A strong reference and inspiration are artists from the past from Picasso to Jacob Lawrence. Post impressionism and modernism from the late 19th century to the mid-twentieth for the most part. I am also very interested in ancient Egyptian and Greek art and culture and hope to do a series related to those cultures and use some reference material from my travels to Egypt and Greece.